July 19, 2015


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I’m not sure how many of you know that I am now working for a business that creates amazing business opportunities with entrepreneurs, start ups, investors and venture capitals which saw 105 like minded people venture to Antartica to think tank $15 million in new business opportunities thus far.

Another branch of the business also specializes in wealth management- it has been a great learning opportunity to learn how to make my money work harder for me, secrets that I would like to share with some of my closest friends and family. This upcoming event is a free of charge, obligation free meeting with one of Australia’s leading wealth management leader. Julio De Laffitte and his team will present some of the secrets he has learnt in the Australian market for over 20 yrs.

Normally a presentation like this would incur a charge of $1,500, but for this very special occasion, it will be free of charge and presented in Portuguese/English, so that you can interact and ask questions to Julio directly.

The presentation will go on between: 10:00 and 15:00, will be fully catered and will promise to change the way you see your money.




It’s easy to spend your entire life feeling like you aren’t in control of your own finances, unable to reach your professional goals and bound for a life where you jump from one day job to the next. Breaking out of this cycle is something that we at JDL want to empower you to do – and we can be there from day one of your journey towards financial independence and total freedom. Our professional team will provide you with a suite of property investment opportunities and the knowledge to choose which is suitable for your property portfolio; JDL’s combined experience and expertise at sourcing top-notch real estate is sure to work in your favour. Because we are in constant communication with our clients, we can discuss whether residential property investment holds more promise for you than commercial real estate – and you’re sure to be more than familiar with the pros and cons of both.

We offer our unparalleled knowledge of properties to help you make the right decision. Whether you want to find out more about investment opportunities in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney or if you want more information on Dual income or positive cash flow properties.

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At this event you’ll find:

Step-by-Step Strategies and a Proven System to acquire a Multimillion Dollar Portfolio across property, shares, managed funds, gold and other integrated investments. The results are on the board!
No Nonsense Talk and Exactly Why most people you know are “hypnotised” to fail financially. (Look around!!)

How to engage with Australia as a tax haven and protect your assets.

How to massively drive down your debt down once for all.

How to use other investments as key to leveraging properties. Yes!

How to use property as a key to leveraging more investments.

How to carefully plan all your portfolios to produce results.

How to make more wealth than you need or want regardless of any economy.

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Julio de Laffitte

2. Morning – Relationship with Money

How to have a different strategy of the rest of Australian. 97% of Australians will not reach financial freedom. How To change your patterns and behaviors to have a
Sally Bournon

3. Lunch Break

We will have a short break for lunch and questions.

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Event Speakers meet with greaters

James Barwood

Financial Strategist

First and foremost JDL is a company that integrates financial planning,

Julio De Laffitte

JDL CEO and Unstoppables Founder

Born into a prominent Brazilian family with a rich business heritage,

Scott Brennan

NSW State Manager

Work as the State Manager for JDL Strategies

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Get out of debt fast
Further minimise tax
Build a “Chain Reaction” of investments
How to implement strategies



Get out of debt fast
Further minimise tax
Build a “Chain Reaction” of investments
How to implement strategies

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